Welcome to Hotel Utkarsha-Sportsclub, Chikhaldara
Ask us why visit Chikhaldara, and we would give you the same reasons that fueled our dreams at Utkarsha Resorts.

A climate that parallels any hill station, yet giving you the joy of basking in subtle, warm sunlight. Green, as far as your eyes reach, with intermittent hills and valleys. Skies blue, and gentle mist that wraps on your every move. Birds, breeze and flowing water - together in musical harmony.

Imagine waking up to the sound of waterfalls. At Utkarsh imagine more as we promise to surprise you with an ambiance combining nature and pure sensation. Well spaced rooms, surrounded by exotic nature and exciting freshness. Your experience is our priority at Utkarsh Resorts.

Hotel Utkarsha- Sportsclub
Main Road, Chikhaldara,
Dist: Amravati. (M.S)
Ph.No:07220 230554, M: 9422190488, 8149482273